Stop Bitchin’ Start Ditchin’!

About the Owners

Gerding Contracting (Formerly, Gerding Ditching), was purchased in 2022 by a 4th generation of Gerdings. Jesse Gerding and wife Casslyn look forward to continuing the same great service and reputation our clients know and expect while continuing to grow and develop the business.

1911 in Fort Jennings, Ohio

In the 1850s settlers began arriving and trying to farm in the swamplands of Ohio. With most of the land being too wet, they had to engineer ways to effectively drain the fields to grow crops. In 1859, Ohio passed the Ditching Law, facilitating the drainage of swampy areas at a more rapid pace. Gerding Contracting started out as strictly a ditching contractor for local farmers in 1911 who needed help properly draining their fields in a sustainable way. Over the years, Gerding Contracting has grown and evolved, keeping up with the latest technology in the field.

Gerding Contracting Today

Today, Gerding Contracting has a larger client base and more employees, but we hold on to our roots as a family run local business. Most of our work is still focused on providing the best solutions for farm drainage. We also offer a variety of other services for our community and local farmers including excavation, demolition, and septic tank installation.

We Look Forward to Serving Northwestern Ohio for Another 100 Years